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Service régional de traitement d'image et de télédétection

Technological and service platform of ICube Laboratory

*ICube-UMR 7357 is a joint research center placed under the joint supervision of the University of Strasbourg, the CNRS, the ENGEES and the INSA schools

Eruption volcanique d'Eyafjjoll en Islande Eruption volcanique d'Eyafjjoll en Islande
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ICube-SERTIT helps space serve the Earth producing geo-information from space imagery.

As a regional, national and European operator, it responds to society’s needs offering solutions in risk management, land planning, natural resource management, the environment and sustainable development.

It provides decision support tools immediately usable by its partners and customers (CNES, ESA, French civil protection, European Commission, Grand-Est Region, Strasbourg Eurométropole, SNCF, EDF…)

ICube-SERTIT also plays a consulting role for applications related to the space sector through its involvement in the Booster Rhinespace and Copernicus Relays network.

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Rapid Mapping Service
A 24/7/365 operational risk and crisis management service

ICube-SERTIT’s world renowned Rapid Mapping Service is unique in France for its 24/7/365 operational nature, its capacity to manage and produce during activations, and its ISO 9001 certification. This service can intervene in emergencies to respond to information needs in risk, disaster crisis and recovery management during disasters. As an operation’s manager and production site is notably involved in:

The service also works with local and regional actors, along with the insurance industry at different levels.
Thanks to its unique experience and privileged links with the CNES , le COGIC and the European Commission, ICube-SERTIT contributes today to the international working group IWG-SEM.

Rapid Mapping Service

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