Fitri Lake Water Extent

le 26 avril 2021

LWE derived from Sentinel-2 time series, ICube-SERTIT processing

ExtractEO, an automatic water detection workflow developped by ICube-SERTIT, was applied to the Sentinel-2 time series covering Fitri Lake from January 2017 to February 2021, deriving a lake mask for each Sentinel-2 acquisition date.

The ExtractEO pipeline downloaded 246 Sentinel-2 images from the CREODIAS platform and detected water extents based on a multilayer perceptron (MLP) algorithm combined with the use of the Global Surwace Water dataset for sampling.

The lake surface is calculated on each exploitable date (i.e. no clouds over the lake) from all lake masks. Then the results feed the Lake Water Extent (LWE) curve.

Occurence products are also derived from lake water masks: annual occurence and global occurence over the 4-year observation period.